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(850) 635-5859


Know what you want, and then create a plan.

Our Thoughts: Do not submit to a plan at odds with what you want.

When you want to go somewhere, you enter the destination and the GPS creates a plan to get you there. You do not put in the way so the GPS tells you the destination.

How does telling us what you want affect your financial planning? Same as in the car… identify the destination and we create a plan to get there.

➡ You want X amount of income in retirement? We create lasting income.

➡ You want X amount of life insurance? We show you the options to get there.

➡ You want to have X amount for a college fund? We show you how.

➡ You want to grow your nest egg to X? We establish a plan.

➡ What is your question or dilemma? We contribute experienced wisdom.

Time is a very important aspect for any plan. 

What is your time frame?

What should happen when? 

When we get together this is certainly a topic to cover.

What Are Our Customers Saying About Us?

“Emerald Coast Financial Accounts has been a faithful advisor. They have great deal of experience with the best needs of the client in mind. We have been working with ECFA for ten years. Emerald Coast Financial Accounts gives you a variety of options to choose from—plans that met both long and short term needs. They also follow up faithfully, with ongoing items that need timely resolution. We trust their integrity with our accounts and our long term relationship.”

David R.